Live-Online Workshop: October 2024

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Three Dynamic Sessions to Help You Find and Tell Your Stories

MY LIFE IN PARAGRAPHS is an engaging process for personal storytelling. My program guides you in discovering and telling your most meaningful stories.

I show you step-by-step how to communicate the hard-won wisdom you’ve gained in your life. What’s more, you will expand your capacity to connect with others, and feel better known and understood by the people you hold close; all while making an impact on your future generations.

In this live-online workshop you will:

-Easily see the challenges you’ve overcome, the learning those challenges have offered, and how they have shaped who you are today.

-Have fun reflecting on the meaningful moments, people, and turning points you have encountered throughout your life.

-Gain clarity around how your core values were formed and how those values influence decisions you have made in the past, and present.

-Increase your awareness of your own uniqueness, and also understand more fully how you have shown up for others, and who has shown up for you.

-Strengthen the ties that bind your closest relationships, while witnessing your experiences in a new way.

I give you tips on how to share these stories now, and how to pass them on for future generations. These are your stories, you choose how they are shared.

My method is geared toward those who may not be exited about writing, but may delight in the opportunity to explore, tell, and maybe even share their personal stories rooted in values.

Come along on this meaningful journey! The gift of discovering the origin stories behind your values will not only benefit you, but maybe those in your life today, and possibly even your future generations.

What’s your story?


Three consecutive 90-minute sessions

Typically Two Options

-Fridays @ 3:00-4:30pm PT

-Saturdays @ 9:30-11:00am PT

master the process illustrated in my book

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