I combine my natural gifts with my learned skills and experience to uniquely support you. I have been helping people find and tell their authentic personal stories since 2008. I am an adept media-producer and project manager who has worked in the creative arts since 1990. Additionally, I hold a B.A. in Psychology. I look forward to hearing your story.

Discovery Call

Complimentary 20-minute call.

Are you wanting to:

  • nail down your own compelling “why” story for work?
  • capture a loved one’s life stories and wisdom on video? 
  • craft the founding story of a business or organization? 
  • finally get your memoir published?

Reach out and we’ll uncover how I may assist you during our exploratory 20-minute session, all about your stories.

To schedule, send me a note. Let me know a few times that typically work well for you. Use my contact form or you may email me direct: hello@aprilbell.com

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