"Capturing Their Wisdom, Their Guidance, Their Essence"

What would it have meant to you to have their story at a time you needed it most?

Meet April Bell

I’ve learned through my own natural curiosity how fascinated I am in the lives of others, their individual paths, accomplishments, setbacks and triumphs. I feel, as part of the process of coming to know ourselves, we need to be more aware of our own history, where we came from and in so doing, appreciate and honor the life experiences of our elders.

Personal History Films

My goal is to present each story in a beautifully crafted, multimedia video biographic film – the story and the information comes from the interviewee and my skill in giving them comfort and ease while in front of the camera, prompting them to relate the details of their history.

S t o r y C a t c h e r | App

StoryCatcher for iPhone is a fun and simple tool to create and share video stories with; complete with titles, video footage capture, photos and screen text. You can record and save all that you, your family, your friends — or maybe even strangers — have to tell.