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Each Family Legacy Interview experience is beautifully filmed, elegantly guided and will be cherished for all time. The story and the information comes from you or your loved one and my skill in providing comfort and ease while in front of the camera. I prompt the storyteller to relate the details of their personal history along with their family and ancestral stories. Along the way, we intermix their personal values and philosophies to help support and guide their family's future generations to come.

Beyond the interview, I offer a few editing options, transforming the story told into an even more enjoyable piece to share now and for all time. Take a look at the slides below the sample video to learn more about the process of capturing a family legacy interview, and then let's chat! I take great pride in my ability to help people share their heart-felt stories, and the detail required to create a top quality heirloom presentation for you and your family. I truly honor and cherish my clients.

Love! Enjoy the thoughts, wisdom, and reflections of Don Carlson. In this Ethical Will Video, Don shares on his value of expressing love. What's your family legacy?

What a surprise! Enjoy this short segment of a custom edited Personal History Interview, and listen in as Miss Edie tells the story of the first time she surprised her sisters.

Click this link to view a sample of a full legacy project.

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I meet the storyteller(s), along with anyone else who would like to be present, for a one hour in-person consultation at the interview location to discuss the process, what to expect on interview day and beyond, plus answer any questions.

We’ll briefly chat about your story, the best place to film you and what photos might work best in the edited video, if the editing option has been chosen.

The interviewee will fill out a personalized questionnaire outlining their life experiences and life aspects to be covered for the filmed interview. The questionnaire is roughly ten pages.

Family members (and even friends) are encouraged to provided input regarding specific stories they may like recorded.

From the information gathered on the questionnaire, I generate an outline of personalized questions to ask during the filmed interview session.

The completed questionnaire must be returned to me no less than seven days prior to our filming appointment.


The filmed interview appointment will take approximately 4.5 hours total for the individual experience and 6.5 hours total for the couples experience.

Upon arrival at our scheduled time, I set up the camera, sound and lights. Then we film as I guide you along in our conversation, covering all the pertinent details needed to complete our project objectives.

When conducting and individual interview, I film the storyteller for 120+minutes. When interviewing a couple, I film each storyteller for 60-minutes alone and then the couple together for about 45-minutes.

Prior to filming, I provide you with a “Do’s & Don’ts” of what to wear so you will feel confident about looking your best in front of the video camera.


The video is captured in beautiful HD media. Depending on the subject matter of your stories and our project scope, we may also capture b-roll on interview day.

B-roll is footage other than the actual interview that will be overlaid on top of the video, as appropriate, during post-production/editing.

On interview day, I will digitally collect any photographs and/or documents to be included in the edited video, if the editing option has been chosen.


Once our interview day is complete, the media is lightly edited, to tighten it up, and post-production color enhancements are applied to make sure your finished video views beautifully.

Additionally, I add chapter names and screen text, spelling out names and dates of pertinent historical information mentioned during the interview.

If a professionally edited short "Trailer" has been opted for, to accompany the long format interview, I edit together selected stories we’ll discuss prior to (and possibly after) filming. For the "Trailer," I also add graphics, your historical photos, royalty free music from my library and screen text, as warranted.

One proof cycle is included. The proof is reviewed at your convenience via an online private link. All changes are to be supplied back to me in one document within ten days of receiving the proof link. More editing beyond the one proof cycle could incur additional fees at my standard hourly rate.


I use professional grade LED 3-point lighting set up.

Professional grade Sennheiser wireless microphone with Tascam audio capture device is used for sound capture.


The full captured interview is optimized for web streaming and digitally delivered in .mp4 format via a Dropbox share folder or download link. The 10-minute “trailer” (if opted for) is delivered in the same manner at the same time.

A private web page is created on my website for you to share with friends and family at your discretion.

You will have seven days to download and save your finished video(s). Beyond seven days post-delivery, you are wholly responsible for the storage and archive of your video files on your local drives.


Please be redundant and save at least TWO copies of your video(s) in different places. Tell at least one friend or relative and your trust attorney where your digital media is stored. I do not have the resources to archive finished project files.



Two+ Hour Guided Interview

  • One 120+minute Guided Interview
  • Pre-Interview Questionnaire
  • Personalized Questions
  • Light Editing with Color Enhancement
  • Full Interview on Private Webpage
  • .Mp4 Archival Digital Download: All Media
  • Custom Editing

Couples Interview

Two Person Guided Interview

  • Two 60+minute Guided Interviews
  • One 45-minute Guided Couples Interview
  • Two Pre-Interview Questionnaires
  • Personalized Questions
  • Light Editing with Color Enhancement
  • Interviews on Private Webpage
  • .Mp4 Archival Digital Download: All Media
  • Custom Editing


Add Professional Editing for One

  • Up to 25 Photographs or Documents - Digitally Provided By Client
  • Up to 10 Screen Text Phrases or Names
  • Background Music - From My Royalty Free Library
  • Custom Color Enhancement
  • Full Interview and Edited Videos on Private Family Accessible Webpage
  • .Mp4 Archival Digital Download: All Media


Add Professional Editing for Couples

  • Up to 45 Photographs or Documents - Digitally Provided By Client
  •  Screen Text Phrases and/or Names, as warranted
  • Background Music - From My Royalty Free Library
  • Custom Color Enhancement
  • Full Interviews and Edited Video on Private Family Accessible Webpage
  • .Mp4 Archival Digital Download: All Media
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