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April gently guides people to tap into the essence of who they truly are, capturing that on video. 

A curious conversationalist, she helps people generate narratives which touch and inspire. Her work is deeply appreciated by her clients and has been featured in The New York Times, The Contra Costa Times, and Lamorinda Weekly.

The daughter of a mobile tech pioneer and an artist, April is passionate about assisting others in creatively communicating stories through technology. Trained in psychology, she has acute listening skills and is a natural at deeply connecting with people and helping them share the narratives which matter to them most, be it life stories, the story of a business, or glowing testimonials. Her clients include businesses, families, and organizations who value the power of story.

She is an innovator in bringing video storytelling via an interview-style format to the masses through the co-creation and launch of StoryCatcher for iOS in 2013.

April brings the transformative gift of video storytelling to the world at large through speaking, workshops, and engaging online training courses.

For fun she enjoys sailing on the San Francisco Bay,

“Everything I do, I believe in expanding love and connection in people’s lives, their relationships, and their communities. I do this by helping people tell and share their personal stories.” ~April Bell

trekking in the High Sierra, and exploring the mysteries of the human spirit and condition. Ultimately, it is our stories that connect and bind us, today and into the future.

What’s your story?

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